Thursday, 12 November 2009

Vintage Fashion- Special Occassions

My Grandparents on their wedding days!
(Above: my Dad's side, Below: my Mum's side.)

I actually think both their dresses are kind of similar, at least in silhouette. It would be great to do a vintage wedding inspired photoshoot (there are enough churches around Tisbury!) If I could track down an old wedding dress on the cheap or a charity shop one I could adjust.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Vintage Fashion

The top picture shows my great-grandma and the two below are my grandmas on either side. I think all 3 of them are glamourous! I am looking for inspiration to do some vintage photoshoots and will defiantly use the top one for hair and accessory ideas. I'm not sure what year it was taken, will have to check with my Grandad....

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Street Fashion Today - London

A few pictures I took on a recent trip to London, I think the guys at the top were the best find of the day. They were in Jimmy Choo sipping champagne on Vogues 'Fashion's Night Out'. I love his glasses!
The girl below was really cute, she had her buttons done up wrong and she reminded me of a fairy. It didn't show very well in the picture but she had a tiny hairband on with little flowers dotted accross her hair.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Birmingham Street Fashion Continued....

Ok so the guy at the top had defiantly been asked before, he had his pose ready and everything!
The guys in the second picture's response was 'why does this always happen when we're hungover?' (In rather rough voices!) So apparently they had been asked before as well.
This post shows a clear punk comeback but in a modern way with skinny jeans and more structure. The decade this supports is 80s.

Birmingham Street Fashion Continued....

I love this red coat with the bow on the back, it reminds me of little red riding hood! Unfortunately didn't get a picture of the front as she was walking too fast! Also I really like the girl at the top of this post's style and general look!

Birmingham Street Fashion Continued....

I loved the lady at the top of this post! She said 'your not from WHAT NOT TO WEAR are you?!' and 'I am going in the good section or the bad section?!' But she is defiantly in the good section (not that I have a bad section anyway!) I really liked her dress and handbag but most of all her confidence, she could defiantly carry off anything she wants to.
The picture of the blonde girl in the flowery dress was mainly because I own that dress and was interested to see how some one else had styled it! (I normally wear it over skinny jeans) She made me want to dig it out the cupboard again because for a long time I really wasn't sure about the sleeves but she has reinvented it for me.

Street Fashion Today - Birmingham

I took these photos in September during the 'Style in the City event' so was hoping to find some very fashionable people. There seems to be sort of a monochrome theme in this post and everyone is playing it a bit safe but love the playsuit (even though the girl had just had a spray tan when I asked to take her picture so she is standing a bit awkwardly!) And the couple at the tops punky style is a bit more individual, especially his haircut!

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