Monday, 7 December 2009

London Street Fashion - Winter

The girl at the top of this post was my favourite of the whole day! (again with white tights) she said she'd had a bad day and was feeling disgusting and unattractive but I think she looks great! I love the little details like the sleeves poking out her coat and the way her scarf is tied in a knot. The jazz shoes are also identical to some I got for the 20s shoot.

London Street Fashion - Winter

White tights seem to be very popular among women recently? Which is kind of strange for Winter. Anyway more of the fake fur and definitely a 'geek chic' trend going on for the boys.

London Street fashion - winter

I really like the couple at the top although I'm still not quite sure they knew what I was asking them! At the beginning of the day all I could find were people that didn't speak English, and English people who were just plain rude! In response to 'hi I'm a fashion student would you mind if I took a quick picture of your outfit?' I got a lot of 'YES I DO MIND' s!
Maybe I should stop bothering people around Christmas?!

Street Fashion - London, Winter.

There are a lot of skinny jeans still around in this post, it seems they are not going away yet! Also big hats (even Russian style!) and scarfs/snoods are popular but it was a very cold day!

Street Fashion - London, Winter.

According to these fur and velvet are key this Winter. I liked the girl at the tops style the most and she is probably the most vintage-looking but in a modern way. The light from the shops kind of ruined 2 of the pictures but street fashion is always a bit unpredictable!

photoshoot - unedited continued....

This was the outfit I was least sure about at the start because it had so many different things going on but it has some of the most beautiful pictures!

photoshoot - unedited continued....

Somethings not quite right about this dress and I think maybe I should have gone with a bigger feather in the head band as they are mostly headshots.

photoshoot - unedited continued....

I like this outfit but after looking through them wanted to see a few more pics with movement in the dress as if she's dancing, and I should have moved the flower lower down so the band goes across her forehead.

shoot photos- unedited continued....

This really isn't how I expected this outfit to turn out at all but I LOVE IT!

shoot photos!! (unedited)

These were the last shots as we were out of time but I had to get that dress in!

Planned outfits for 1920s shoot continued....

Also you can't really tell what these are actually going to look like on a person because they are just hung on my door, but it helps me get a clearer idea in my head!

Planned Outfits for 1920s shoot

Ok these are not definites, but at the moment I like them! I will probably change my mind again 6 more times before the shoot and you never know what is going to happen on the day!

Made by Lena