Saturday, 5 December 2009

location confirmed for 1980s shoot!!

I had confirmed with Legends to allow us to shoot there and everything was going to plan. They had an 80s night on (perfect!) and after phoning them they allocated me the V.I.P. area to bring makeup artists and style people for free in exchange for a photo. I was also planning on taking a model as obviously I would have no influence on what people were wearing and I am being marked on my styling for this project.
But my model cancelled on the day of the fitting! Followed by 3 makeup artists! (they were all coming together) and the next day the photographer! So I had a frantic search to find replacements (at least for the model) but had no luck at such short notice and also I had already asked basically everyone I know! So in the end decided I was wasting too much time getting no where, I had been neglecting my blog and sketchbook spending all my time emailing and phoning people. I did think about just going on my own with a camera but a) again I would have had no influence on styling (even less without hair or makeup) and b) my camera is rubbish!
So now it is down to 1 shoot, 1920s, fingers crossed nothing goes wrong!

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